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Established in 2020, The Empire Tattoo Company is renowned for its friendly atmosphere and talented team. Voted the county's best tattoo shop for three consecutive years, we view tattoos as unique expressions of your individuality. Our dedicated artists craft each design with care, turning your tattoo into a story-telling masterpiece. We go the extra mile to ensure your tattoo and piercing journey is both enjoyable and unforgettable. Enter our world of artistry, and let us help you make a lasting impression.



Carol Silva Tattoo Artist

With nearly 9 years of tattooing experience, Carol Silva, the owner of The Empire Tattoo Co., stands as both an artist and proprietor. Carol's artistic style is firmly rooted in realism, adept at capturing subjects' essence in exquisite black and gray shades. Furthermore, she has cultivated a strong affection for blackwork tattoos, embracing the boldness and striking contrasts this style offers.

As a tattoo artist, Carol takes immense pride in connecting with her clients on a personal level. She comprehends the unique significance and stories behind every tattoo, ensuring that each piece she crafts reflects her clients' individuality and desires, transforming their concepts into timeless expressions of art.

Specializing in colored pieces and black and gray, Leif has mastered the art of bringing vivid and lifelike images to life on the skin.

Fascinated by the blend of classic and contemporary elements, Leif found a unique voice within the Neo-traditional style. His tattoos stand out with bold lines, vibrant colors, and intricate details, all seamlessly woven together to create captivating and visually stunning masterpieces.

His dedication to his craft and passion for tattooing shine through in every project he undertakes. With each stroke of the needle, Leif leaves a lasting impression on the skin and in the hearts of those who have the privilege of adorning his art.

Leif Purdy Tattoo Artist
Megan Fonley Tattoo Artist

Megan’s journey as a tattoo artist began in 2020 under the guidance of Carol Silva. Her specialization lies in the artistry of blackwork tattoos, where lines and striking contrasts come together to create unique pieces. Inspired by a deep passion for horror artwork, her tattoos evoke a sense of mystery and intrigue, appealing to those who revel in the darker side of art. Her dedication to this genre is evident in every piece she crafts, where her love for the eerie and the mysterious shines through.

Her work transcends mere ink on skin; it weaves stories and emotions that become an integral part of the individual's identity.

Originally from Ecuador, Daniel Marca found his passion for art at a younger age, ignited by the indelible legacy of his great-grandfather – the creator behind the coat of arms and flag of his beloved homeland.

In 2019, Daniel embarked on an extraordinary journey with tattoos, marking the beginning of his artistic exploration. Specializing in Neo-traditional, Traditional, and Color Realism, Marca brings a rich blend of artistic expression to every piece he creates.

With every tattoo, he leaves an indelible mark on the skin and in the hearts of those fortunate enough to bear his exceptional creations. 

Daniel Marca Tattoo Artist



Ink responsibly: Minimum age 16 with parental consent

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